Siem Reap Weather

Siem Reap Weather is strongly influenced by the Southeast Asian monsoon pattern - the dry season, which roughly coincides with high season; and the rainy season, which is the low season with respect to tourist numbers.

Dry Season - November to April
By November, the regular monsoon rains have just about stopped, and water levels are high - so boat travel is at its best. Road travel on the secondary roads begins to become easier as the dirt roads dry out (some roads are impassable to cars in the wet). Temperatures start to drop through the mid-summer, and are at their coolest in December and January - peak season for visitors is over the Christmas and (international) New Year period. Chinese New Year, and Khmer New Year (mid-April) can also be extremely busy, with many hotels full over the Chinese New Year, and many Cambodian-owned businesses closed over the Khmer New Year. The cooler temperatures make life most comfortable for travelers from temperate climates, and the (generally) clear skies mean that sunrises and sunsets are at their best, but temperatures start to rise through March, with April generally reckoned to be the hottest month of the year.

Wet Season - May to October
The rains start to become established through May, and the temperatures slowly become milder. Early in the wet season, rain showers are in the morning, moving to the afternoons and evenings as the season becomes fully established. Rains are generally fairly predictable and are easy to work around, lasting (generally) for an hour or two. The forests and paddies are lushes, and the rain brings many of the colors to life, making for arguably more interesting photographic conditions with the reflections in puddles and the rainwater bringing out the colors of stone. The much lower traveler numbers mean that crowds at Angkor Wat and elsewhere are not seen in the same way as the high season, and hotel rates are at their most competitive.

Cambodia Weather
Our month by month guide is designed to help you decide the best time to travel to Siem Reap, Cambodia for you. Average temperatures, chances of rain, and sunrise and sunset times, all based on data that we have taken.